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Fleet of John Deere Propane Powered Mowers Deployed

In 2013, Keesen Landscape Management, Inc. began a GREEN initiative by swapping out several sprinkler trucks that were clearly fuel efficiency challenged when compared to newer, smaller, more fuel efficient utility vehicles.

Keesen Landscape Managmeent | Propane-powered mowersBuilding on that change, Keesen president Dan Beekhuizen has gone GREEN again – literally. Teaming up with John Deere and Ex Mark, Keesen Landscape Management, Inc. is testing propane-powered mowers. According to Colorado Green Magazine, the EPA estimates that 5 percent of our nation’s urban air pollution is generated by gas-powered landscaping equipment. These new propane mowers have the advantage of reducing fuel expense and carbon emissions without sacrificing power or mowing quality.

While this equipment is more costly than traditional gasoline-powered equipment, Keesen Landscape Management, Inc. takes our responsibility to do what we can to protect the environment seriously. We will continue to experiment with new technologies that allow us to do just that without sacrificing quality and service to our customers.

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