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Commercial Landscape Maintenance - Denver, CO
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Employment Opportunities

Keesen Landscape Management, Inc. is always looking for professional, experienced people to fill positions in our maintenance, construction, irrigation, lawn care and tree care divisions.

You may fax or e-mail a resume to us if you are interested in applying for an open position, or simply drop into our main office and complete an application.

Phone: (303) 761-0444
FAX: (303) 761-3466
Address: 3355 S. Umatilla Street, Englewood, CO 80110

Keesen Landscape Management, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer by choice and is committed to abide by all the laws pertaining to fair employment practices. All persons having the authority to hire, discharge, transfer, or promote personnel shall support, without reservation, a non-discriminatory policy of hiring or transferring to any vacancy any qualified applicant without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, or handicap. Keesen Landscape Management, Inc. will offer equal opportunity for employment or advancement to all qualified applicants or employees.

We are proud to be a Drug Free Company. All of our employees are required to take a mandatory drug test at the time of hire or following an accident.

Keesen Landscape Management, Inc. is currently actively seeking a qualified Enhancements Manager, click here to see if you might be qualified for this opportunity.


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